I had plans to get shells up on this site to sell, but it's really, really time consuming to photograph the shells, upload them to the website, write desriptinos, etc., etc. I'd rather spend my time at the beach or editing video to share with you! 


If you are reading this I assume you're seen my YouTube videos. If you've seen my YouTube videos you have at least an idea of the types of shells I collect. I have put a bunch to the side to sell, so please email me at or fill out the form below and we can discuss what shells you'd like and I can send you a quote.  

It takes me some time to get the shells together, pack them, etc. so I do have a minimum order of $20. Shells range from about $.50-$2 each depending on the shell and the condition. After they are packed I send you a final total with shipping. 

Florida Fighting Conchs

Lightning Whelks



Spiney Jewelboxes


Banded Tulips

Calico Clams

Sunray Venus Clams

Apple Murex

Juvenile Florida Fighting Conchs

Sand Dollars

Angel Wings

Just ask - I might have one! 

Thanks for submitting!