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My family has always vacationed in Florida. We are huge Disney fans and would always find ourselves in the sunshine state. In 2017 I decided to take my family to the Florida Keys, and it occurred to us that we could live here. We could live in this fabulous state and never have to shovel snow again. That was the beginning of a three-year plan to get ourselves down to Florida.  

We wanted to be on the West coast, and we wanted it to be warm so we looked at Fort Myers Beach, Naples, Bonita Springs, and kept gravitating back to Fort Myers Beach. Maybe one day we can live on the beach, but for now, we're only a quick drive to all of our new favorite places. 

I have always loved taking pictures and I started making videos a few years back and once I got familiar with all these amazing beaches, I decided to start SWF Beach Life. 

I've got dreams to make this YouTube channel my full-time job. But until that happens I'll continue to squeeze in my adventures and share all my amazing experiences. I'm still learning and I'm loving every minute of it and will be eternally grateful that I live the life I do. 

Thanks for stopping by beach friend! 

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