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As an experienced and knowledgeable beachcomber, I am thrilled to announce that I am now offering paid guided beach walks! Over the last few years, I have honed my skills in identifying Southwest Florida seashells, understanding coastal ecosystems, and uncovering the hidden gems of the shoreline. My passion for the beach and its treasures has inspired me to share this joy with others through personalized, educational guided beach walks. 


These guided walks will provide participants with an in-depth exploration of marine life, hands-on lessons in seashell identification, as well as any other amazing surprises that the beach might bring us.


Whether you're a beginner eager to learn or an avid collector seeking new discoveries, my guided beach walks promise an engaging and enriching seaside adventure.

I will drive and meet you at our pre-determined location and you keep everything we find! 

Locations: Sanibel Island and Lovers Key

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost $275

Please provide me with the dates and location you are interested in so we can plan our beach adventure!  

Thanks for submitting!

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