It's a crazy world out there right now.

I tend to err on the side of calm. I don't overreact and pretty much take things in stride. I am so sorry if you are someone who normally deals with anxiety, as this must be an extremely trying time.

I was going to run to the store this morning one last time before self-quarantining for a while, but at the last minute decided to run out last night. Bad move.

Lots of items were sold out. Beef, bread, toilet paper, paper towels to name a few. No tuna fish, pasta, but there were workers there restocking.

Some paper products had just arrived and an orderly line was created and people patiently waited for their turn to get either TP or paper towels. We tend to buy paper products in bulk, so we have not run out and actually have enough TP for the foreseeable future, so I only grabbed paper towels. I figure there are people out there who don't have any essentials so there is no need to hoard.

While the energy in the place was definitely strange, people were calm and friendly. I got a sense that everyone felt we're in this together, so let's just do the best we can. This is an unprecedented time in our lives. Maybe one that will even define us for generations to come. I like to think that we can be kind and helpful to one another. I hope this will bring out the best in people.

I do spend a bit of time on social media, considering I share pictures and videos on a daily basis. I have been really uplifted by the positive comments and actions and stories that people are sharing. Acting responsibly is a personal choice that can have an exponentially positive impact on everyone.

I've dealt with my share (by proxy) of health related issues. My youngest daughter was hospitalized during the H1N1 outbreak (not due to the virus but I'll tell you about that another time) and she wasn't able to see her older sister for weeks. My husband and I would need to child swap my older daughter in the reception of the children's hospital to make sure my oldest didn't infect her younger sister. I can't imagine how I would feel if something like this happened now. When you only have 10 minutes to run to the store to pick up milk or bread and there's none to be found. Maybe that's why I didn't buy the TP when I could have. I worry about those who are worse off than me.

Maybe if we all worried about others more than ourselves for just a little while, things can get back to "normal" soon. I am sending you good energy, calm thoughts and strength. This too will pass, My hope is we come out on the other side better than we were before.

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